Announcing our Diversity Program

CSSConf AU is committed to providing a welcoming, inspiring and safe event for our attendees, speakers, local community and visitors. The web continues to benefit immensely from diversity and it is essential that events like ours are shared with all who wish to attend. Today, we're announcing Diversity Program Tickets, designed to enable as many people as possible to attend our event.

Thanks to Campaign Monitor, and you!

In partnership with Campaign Monitor, we're kicking off our efforts with an initial run of Diversity Program tickets. We're actively engaging with organisations like Rails Girls, co-working spaces and other advocacy groups to find and assist people who wouldn't normally be able to attend our event.

Along with our sponsors, we'd like to invite you – our attendees – to make a contribution. From today, you'll be able to choose to contribute an extra 20% of your ticket to our Diversity Program. If you contribute, you'll get a custom lanyard at the event to show your support, along with the knowledge that collectively, you've helped other great people to attend our event!

Dedicated Student Pricing

Today, we're also announcing CSSConf AU student tickets. If you're not employed full-time in the industry and are either enrolled in a course or teaching yourself web technologies, we'd love to have you attend. We're offering a $190 ticket that we hope will enable you to come. Our student tickets gain you access to both days of CSSConf AU as well as Decompress on the Saturday. To register for one, simply email and mention "Student Ticket" and we'll sort you out.

Speaking of Decompress...

Our sister-conference is an action-packed full day of lightning talks, workshops & hacks on all things Web. It runs on a Saturday for those who can't get the time during the week to attend CSSConf. At $20 (or free for CSSConf attendees), and inclusive of coffee, lunch & snacks, it's an absolute steal! Last year's Decompress was fantastic and this year looks set to be even bigger. Get all the info at the Decompress site. We'll be there, and we hope you are too!

Code of Conduct

CSSConf AU operates under a Code of Conduct that we require our attendees, sponsors, volunteers to follow. We educate ourselves and our team about how to put on a safe and inclusive event. If you haven't read the conduct, please take a look at it here. We're open to questions and suggestions so if you have anything, please contact us.

Can I contribute or sponsor in other ways?

If you or your company would like to do more to sponsor Diversity Program Tickets, or wish to suggest somebody (or yourself!) that you think should receive one, please email With most of Middle Bird tickets sold, CSSConf AU is set to be a busy two days, and we can't wait to share it with everyone.

A final run of 5 last-chance tickets are on sale now!

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