Introducing Harry Roberts

Our next speaker really needs no introduction! Known to many as the CSS Wizard please join us in welcoming Harry Roberts!

He's a consultant front-end architect, writer, speaker, cyclist, and previously a Senior Developer at BSkyB. Harry will be giving us a detailed look at different ways to provide theming functionality in his talk — 4½ Methods for Theming in (S)CSS.

We asked him a few questions to help get to know him better.

Is this your first trip to Melbourne? Or Australia? Do you have other plans for your trip?

It's my first time in Australia! Plans will include fighting jet-lag (the furthest east I’ve ever been from the UK before is Bulgaria), and finding good places for food, drink, and coffee in Melbourne. I’ll just hang out and explore the city.

What does your usual work day look like?

I have three main types of workday:

Who in the industry consistently blows you away with incredible work?

Nicole Sullivan, Nicolas Gallagher, Jonathan Snook, Ana Tudor, and plenty of others. There are some clever folk out there.

Have you worked in industries other than the web?

I have, but for no real length of time. I worked with my dad for a bit during the school holidays (when I was 12–15) which was essentially labouring for his construction company. I’d work pretty much every single day I had off of school, which meant I was always loaded as a kid. I gave a talk about this kind of thing last year, actually.

Clearly, you’ve reached a certain point in your career (because you’re with us!), where do you aspire to get to from here?

I currently have the best job in the world; I’m happy to stay at this point for a while longer.

Do you skydive, knit, play the banjo, cycle or do anything that isn’t on a computer?

I cycle (currently a lot less than I should), I ride trials, and I absolutely love getting out into the mountains in winter. I’m constantly surprised that I ended up working as a web developer: I hate being indoors, and would always much prefer to be outside. As a result, I feel absolutely amazing when I’m on a mountain, in a tent, or getting battered by wind, snow, or rain.

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