Introducing Una Kravets

It's a new day and we've got a new speaker to introduce. Joining a fleet of first timers to Australia is Una Kravets!

She's a front end designer creating software prototypes at IBM Design, community builder, and self proclaimed Sassvocate. Una will be giving us some actionable steps we can take right now to create a more inclusive open source community in her talk — Open Source Design: A Call to Arms.

We asked her a few questions to help get to know her better.

Is this your first trip to Melbourne? Or Australia? Do you have other plans for your trip?

Yes! I am SO excited to visit Melbourne! I've met a lot of Australians while traveling around in other parts of the world and they've all been fantastically fun-loving individuals. I can't wait to visit the country itself, and plan to visit a few more cities while I'm down under (such as Cairns). I just wish I could stay for longer!

What does your usual work day look like?

Coffee, emails, meetings, code, repeat. Lately, I've been working on building a pattern library for the Watson team to unify our code base and provide performant and accessible defaults. There has been a lot of focus on architecture, and it has certainly an interesting (and big) challenge to take on.

Who in the industry consistently blows you away with incredible work?

This is such a difficult question because there are so many incredible individuals who are doing amazing things in this industry! A few that I am constantly referencing are Tammy Everts, Scott Jehl, and Addy Osmani. Tammy does a lot of work on the neuroscience behind performance and user experience. It's super interesting stuff and I'm a huge fan of measurable user data. I am also a big fan of Scott (who is speaking at this conference!) and the Filament Group, and am consistently referencing their work on performance practices. And finally, Addy, who I saw speak at the first conference I ever attended, is continually turning out really great tools for performance. Can you see the trend here?

Have you worked in industries other than the web?

I've been subconsciously wanting to work in the web industry since before I knew there was a web industry. My first experience with "digital design" was when the Palace Chat was a thing, and I would create outfits pixel-by-pixel for my avatars (if you know the Palace, you get all the high fives). And then I learned HTML via Neopets pet pages (I'm talking blink tags and rainbow trailing cursors). Yes, I've had stints in retail and other fields but for the most part, I've been focusing on design and development.

Clearly, you’ve reached a certain point in your career (because you’re with us!), where do you aspire to get to from here?

There is so much to do and so little time! I feel as though my career is just beginning! I have a lot of plans and a very big list of things I want to do in the future, but mostly, I just want to make the lives of other developers better. I want to inspire people and continue to provide tools/resources/workflow suggestions for them that makes their jobs a little bit easier.

Do you skydive, knit, play the banjo, cycle or do anything that isn’t on a computer?

I really love making physical art and crafting. I've pretty much run the gamut: crochet, scrap booking, oil painting, watercolor, fashion illustration, life drawing, screen printing, book binding, chalking, card making and I've even done some upholstery. My latest obsession has been calligraphy and brush lettering. I balance out my lettering sessions by listening to nerdy audio-books while I do it.

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